Class Evaluation

Class Evaluation

This is your opportunity to anonymously provide your teacher with feedback about what you liked and didn’t like about our class, and how to improve the class for the future.

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Movie Mix-Ups

We touched on this earlier in the year, but we are going to re-visit the topic as we start our next unit.  Read the article below to learn about the mistakes made by the producers of Gravity (the Sandra Bullock movie that was released this fall).  Whether or not you have seen the movie, skim through the article and jot down at least 2 things Gravity messes up.  You can turn your responses in on paper or email to



Next, review the websites below to compile a list of 5 common mistakes made in Science Fiction films.  Be sure to describe each error thoroughly (at least 3 sentences) for full credit.  You should know these mistakes well enough that you could identify them in a film and describe why they are unlikely to happen in space.  If you complete that task, try to find some examples of films that have fallacies in them.  You can turn your responses in on paper or email to


Finally, you should have received your grade for your Science Expo paper via email by now.  If you have not received it, please ask me to re-send the rubric or to print it out.  Thank you for your hard work on those papers! I was very impressed with your topics and ability to incorporate the feedback we discussed.

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Exoplanets — Is there anything else out there?

Click on your assigned article to learn about potential life outside of our solar system.  Then fill out the worksheet for today — don’t forget it has a back!


Why Habitable Exoplanets Are Bad News for Humanity’s Future



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Out of Space Times Project

Attached is the newspaper containing the articles written by the students.  They worked very hard to make sure everything was just right before submitting their work!

Out of Space Times

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Out of Space Times

Imagine we have developed the technology to live on the moon and travel freely through our solar system.  We have become so advanced that recently we started to live on all 8 planets.  Surely, we live in sealed pods on the surface or in orbit around some of the gassy Jovian planets, but we have expanded greatly.

NASA heard that you were an amateur astronomer with a creative side and you are an excellent writer as well, so they employed you to be a part of their newspaper team.  This newspaper is dedicated to keeping Earth up to date on what is happening on the other planets.

Everyone will:

  • Write 1 article (400-500 words)
  • Create 1 feature (fun article, comic strip, puzzle, interview)
  • Play the roles of reporter, writer, editor and publisher

Out of Space Times Assignment

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While you are reading the SKYJACKED article, reference the attached footnotes to increase your understanding of the article.  >>SKYJACKED Footnotes

After you finish reading, complete the following tasks:

1. Summarize the article in 5 sentences.  What were the most important aspects of the article?

2. Do you think this is a good idea for NASA to try to capture an asteroid?  Should we continue to invest money into this venture? Why or why not?  Should we retrieve an asteroid to study it?  Support your opinion with at least three pieces of evidence from the text.

(attach scanned copy of article)
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Planet X

Imagine this: after you graduate from Mott Hall V, you go on to become a famous astronomer. You are world renown and scientists from all over the world beg you to come to their labs to share your work and observations of the night sky. Because you are in such high demand, you have a private plane that flies you from city to city; you try to spend as much time in the air during the day as possible to maximize nighttime sky observation time. You could say you have become slightly nocturnal with all this astronomy in your life. You prefer to work at night not only because the sun is out of your way, but also because co-observers usually doze off with their eyes still pressed against the telescope. When they doze off, you are given the opportunity to work on your secret project. Because these scientists have paid for you to travel the world, you have been able to observe outer space from all sides of the Earth. You have seen some celestial objects from multiple angles and some you can only observe in certain locations, but one item in particular is keeping your interest and this is your secret project: you have discovered another planet in our solar system! It’s not located out where Pluto is though, it’s closer to us than that and you’re amazed that scientists have overlooked this for so long. 

What type of planet is it — would it be considered terrestrial or Jovian? Why, what qualities make it that type of planet? What should you name it? How big is it? How far from the sun is it? What is its density? Sketch a planet trading card to introduce your new planet and then write a descriptive paragraph discussing its characteristics, climate, composition and potential value to humans. In this paragraph be sure to explain why your planet is considered terrestrial or Jovian.

See attached project description and rubric:

Terrestrial and Jovian Planets_ T-chart and Planet X

(add scanned image of reading for terrestrial and Jovian..)

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