Movie Mix-Ups

We touched on this earlier in the year, but we are going to re-visit the topic as we start our next unit.  Read the article below to learn about the mistakes made by the producers of Gravity (the Sandra Bullock movie that was released this fall).  Whether or not you have seen the movie, skim through the article and jot down at least 2 things Gravity messes up.  You can turn your responses in on paper or email to



Next, review the websites below to compile a list of 5 common mistakes made in Science Fiction films.  Be sure to describe each error thoroughly (at least 3 sentences) for full credit.  You should know these mistakes well enough that you could identify them in a film and describe why they are unlikely to happen in space.  If you complete that task, try to find some examples of films that have fallacies in them.  You can turn your responses in on paper or email to


Finally, you should have received your grade for your Science Expo paper via email by now.  If you have not received it, please ask me to re-send the rubric or to print it out.  Thank you for your hard work on those papers! I was very impressed with your topics and ability to incorporate the feedback we discussed.

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